The Women’s Fellowship of St John’s is always a beehive of activity. Every Sunday after worship service we meet at the entrance of the church, for a time of praise & prayer to intercede for various prayer requests from the congregation & otherwise.

JOB 42-10” And the Lord turned the captivity of Job, when he prayed for his friends: also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before”.

We were witness to many answered prayers regarding visa, journey mercies, sickness, job transfers, admission, jobs, salvation etc. In a couple of cases two couples who were in our prayer list for babies became proud parents after continuous prayers for many years.

FAMILIES IN THE GAP – formerly known as “MOM’s in the GAP” to facilitate the families of our church to participate. Acts 2-46 says “the believer’s met in small groups in homes—-& shared their meals with great joy & thankfulness praising God.”
Every month we meet at the residence of a family, enabling families in that area as well as other places to gather & pray. We thank the many families of our church for not only opening their homes to the Word of God but also treating us to delicious lunches in their homes.

The messages shared are normally very thought provoking helping us in our day to day life. For instance a hot topic for discussion was ‘Are you a microwave Christian’. Everyone came out with unique answers drawing an analogy between our life & a microwave.. As a microwave that cooks fast & cools fast, let us examine our relationship with the Lord etc, etc. Next we dealt on clapping & dancing – as an expression of praise & thanksgiving, taking examples of Mirium & David. Also Psalm 47 etc-( only take care , where , when & how it is done.)- We also dealt with Jeremiah 17-5-7- How we open ourselves to a curse when we trust in mortal man ( like Vaastu, astrology, horoscopes etc & not our God) Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord- his leaves stay green & goes on producing luscious fruit.

Celebrated, with the ladies enacting a thought provoking skit written by Ms Rinku Desappa Peters called “Small sin, big sin- Jesus saves’. Those who are born once will die twice-physical & eternal death. Those who are born again will have only physical death but, eternal LIFE with JESUS. What is your choice?’ The ladies also shared their secret of becoming very wealthy in the Lord by way of tax free blessings that follow, when we accept the Lord.

True FREEDOM on Women’s Day comes’ from being in-dependence of God & not being independent of God. The Women’s fellowship also ran contests like reciting Psalm 23 or The 10 Commandments & winners received prizes sponsored by Desappa’s.

is normally held in March with special emphasis on a particular country. Special prayers, skits, & messages etc are tailored to meet the needs of these countries.

The second Sunday in May is celebrated as mother’s Day. Special skits, prayers, & thought provoking readings like “how to raise children who pray’ are shared. When mother’s BEND their KNEES, their children Stand up. Say no to Harry Potter & spells.

The Women’s Fellowship ladies by their untiring efforts were able to raise a record amount of Rs 59,140 for God’s glory. Apart from eats & gongura stalls, we had unusual stalls like ‘ Jerusalem corner”, “ Be blessed by blessing Israel”, Dead Sea Products, ‘ Perfumes like Frankincense, Spikenard, Myrrh & ‘Wine JAR’ from the Church at Cana in Jerusalem( first miracle of Jesus) were sold. We also help in decorating the church.

The Women’s Fellowship also helps out in the Vacation Bible School held during April.

We serve a risen Lord & we don’t have to die for God as some faith’s advocate. –JESUS DIED FOR US. WE were able to share this with friends who had lost their loved ones as JESUS is the only ROPE who helps us to COPE. The ladies also contributed liberally to help out in the funeral expenses of one of our member’s husband.

When one of the ladies of our Church lost her right arm in a car accident, the Women’s Fellowship was instrumental in collecting more than a lakh of rupees to give her a prosthetic hand.

Along with members of the Men’s Fellowship we were able to visit sick people some non Christians also suffering from cancer who were so happy when we shared the love of God with them As Paul says “ nothing that we ever do for the Lord is wasted.

The TOWN DCC Women’s Fellowship – meet was held at St John’s. The meeting was attended by 464 ladies. Our dear Bishopamma Mrs Stuthigeetham Thalligaru was our guest of honour & presented a very stirring message. The ladies from various churches in the twin cities presented us with beautiful worship songs. The women’s Fellowship report of St John’s church activities was very much appreciated. The delegates were given a rose & beautiful prayer promise cards. Our thanks go out to Mrs Shashikala Premkumar for helping in making this function a grand success. The meeting closed with fellowship dinner.

The ladies went to Medak for the dedication of the church constructed by Rani & Philip our sexton. This was a source of great joy to us as the Women’s Fellowship helped in the construction by the sale of gongura, drumsticks etc.
The ladies have also made their contributions for various outreach churches, built by our church. & diocese.

In the month of December the ladies start collecting a handful of rice everyday to be given to the needy, during Christmas time. Hundreds of Kg’s of rice collected this way is distributed in some needy rural congregation of our diocese.

When we receive prayer requests, it is immediately conveyed to other prayer warriors by phone or email and very quickly a prayer chain is established. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord, many prayers have been answered.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY MEETING - is basically the fasting & prayer wing of our church where we search the scriptures, share thrilling testimonies, intercede & discuss various topics. For instance everyone says the right hand should not know what the left hand does- regarding any money given to the church. Is that so?. The word in Matthew 6-3 says WHEN YOU GIVE ALMS let not your left hand know what your right hand does. When you give to God , Jesus says about the woman with the alabaster box in Matt 26-13 wherever the gospel is preached what the woman has done be told for memorial to her-. We learn to read scriptures carefully.
Mr Martin David led us on the topic ‘ Are u ready for KFC-no it’s not chicken but Kindness, forgiveness & Christ”. Mrs Prabhaker Rao painted many pen portraits of little known biblical characters like Amnon, Gehazi etc.. Mrs Purushottam led us on an effortless exposition on Acts, how the HOLY Spirit empowered the apostles to preach. The Kamal kumar’s, Mrs Usha Sagar, Mrs Abhishekam Bunyan, Desappa’s, Dr Jyothi, Ms Elizabeth , Mr Jason Wilson were some of the people who shared the Word of God.

Mr Prabhaker Rao warned us about various cults like Freemasons, Mormons, Jehovah witness etc. We were able to talk to some Freemasons’ about how Jesus is the only Way to heaven as He said in John 14-6 “I am the WAY the Truth & the Life” & also Salvation is not by GOOD WORKS but by the BLOOD of JESUS. Masonry teaches salvation through all religions but the Bible teaches in Acts 4-12- “ There is Salvation in only one Name under heaven-the Name of Jesus”

In one such meeting we had a DVD presentation of “The HOLY LAND REVEALED”. Walk where Jesus walked” from the land of Israel. We also had families narrating their experiences in the Holy land taking us from Egypt through Israel & ending with Jordan – mount Nebo, where Moses is supposed to have been buried. The Desappa’s showed many artifacts of Israel like the “ Talith, Prayer shawl., Ark of the covenant, SHOPHAR, TEN Commandments from Mount Sinai, Mezusah a blessing hung at the entrance of every Jewish home, TORAH, Dead Sea Scroll etc. All the members of our church who had attended our prayer sessions or helped the Women’s Fellowship at one time or the other were gifted three perfume bottles from the Holy Land like Spikenard ( Narvastu), Myrrh & Frankincense.
We heard many thrilling testimonies about how God had brought many people to Him.

TESTIMONY OF A SARDARJI (in one of our SDF meeting). Mr.Gurucharan Singh in his youth led a very promiscuous life. One day as he was walking down the road in Kolkata a south Indian man came to him and asked him, “Do you know Jesus”. Mr.Singh was so angry that he said “if you can’t see I’m a Sikh, I will beat you”. The man thrust a Bible in his hands and ran away. That night in his room, Singh opened the Bible and the first verse he saw was 1 Corinthians 6-9. All the things listed there he was guilty of and when he saw visions of hell for the adulterers he threw his liquor bottles and pleaded” who is the true God reveal yourself to me.” A voice spoke “I am Jesus” and revealed Himself. That day he accepted Jesus and became a preacher, bringing people to the Lord and living by faith. He now calls himself Mr.Masih.

Are you sowing the word of God, it will bring you great returns.

May God’s blessings chase & overtake all the ladies who joined us in all the activities of the Women’s Fellowship, especially in sending Knee mails to the Lord. All are welcome to participate in the activities of the Women’s fellowship & be blessed.

“The ladies sing for the glory of the God wearing different coloured dresses to suit the occasion, i.e., during Lent – Red (Blood) + Blue(Eternal God) = Purple(Royalty daughters of the king).”

The Women’s fellowship wishes everyone a Christ filled day every day.

Activities during the year in a nutshell:

1. Intercessory Prayer after service every Sunday, with a five minute sharing of the Word of God.
2. Sharing in the various ministries of the Church.
3. Visiting the sick and bereaved.
4. Chain prayers via the phone or email for specific requests.
5. Conducting Spiritual Development Journey meetings along with the Men’s Fellowship, where we search the Scriptures, have a time of testimonies, singing, sharing and also have special intercessory prayers.
6. Families in the Gap. Families meet in various houses at least once in a month and stand in the gap for various requests as mentioned in Ezekiel 22:30 “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none”.
7. Singing the praises of our Mighty God. “Oh give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy endures forever”.

Only one life it will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last.
Give your all to Christ. He gave His all for you.

(Mrs. Yashodhra Desappa, Secretary – Women’s Fellowship, St. John’s Church)